A key element of any equipment is its human machine interface (HMI) – making it as easy as operating a smartphone. Pharmabotix uses the latest Siemens Unified generation and offers a visual, intuitive operator interface. By simply clicking on the relevant part of the system, menus can be called up directly and values adjusted according to the user level. As a result of the depth of integration, our HMIs always look the same, regardless of whether an ABB, Fanuc or Stäubli robot is installed.

We take flexibility to the next level

The HMI also offers the possibility of putting together new processes as required. Thanks to a sophisticated, modular concept, the end user has the option of putting together his own process chain, as far as the application/environment allows. For each software module, conditions and requirements are stored that the preceding and subsequent processes must fulfil – the system then manages the rest. The modular structure of the software also simplifies qualification.

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