The pharmaceutical industry is hungry for robotics and the latest automation solutions. However, many suppliers in the field are working on systems/technologies that are long outdated – just like: it’s our standard and it works, why should you move? As a technology provider, Pharmabotix always goes one step beyond and constantly implements state-of-the-art technology.

We are breaking new ground with regard to robot / PLC communication. There is no classic interface with jobs/acknowledgements – instead, we integrate the entire robot software, including the movements, into our control system. In detail, this means that the robot is no longer classically programmed via the robot controller and the corresponding operating panel, but only controlled through our intuitive HMI (user interface on 22” panel). There, in particular, positions, frames or tools can be adjusted directly – and all without any robot programming knowledge.


  • Only one system is programmed and qualified.
  • The robot can be controlled without expert knowledge via the central HMI or the mobile panel.
  • Independence from the robot manufacturer – today Stäubli – tomorrow ABB – without additional engineering.
  • The robot becomes transparent due to the depth of integration and is no longer a black box (audit trail).
  • Completely Siemens-based (SIMATIC S7)

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