Stäubli robots dedicated to pharma production environments

30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market have enabled Stäubli to develop the widest range of 4- and 6-axis Stericlean and cleanroom robots on the market to meet the multiple constraints of the pharma market. Robots have become more and more popular due to their flexibility and to trends in personalized medicine and small batch production. Their pharma offering includes […]

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UNICO for personalized creams and beauty products

UNICO is a modular automation solution for the production of personalized creams and beauty products. State-of-the-art robot and control technology paired with precise pumps as well as dosing systems from HNP Mikrosysteme make UNICO universally deployable. The basic system offers processing of ten different ingredients and can be expanded as desired. The system can process

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Pharmabotix Robot Library: Robot Integration in 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is hungry for robotics and the latest automation solutions. However, many suppliers in the field are working on systems/technologies that are long outdated – just like: it’s our standard and it works, why should you move? As a technology provider, Pharmabotix always goes one step beyond and constantly implements state-of-the-art technology. We

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Agilox AIVs – state-of-the-art mobile robots

State-of-the-art automation solutions paired with classic robot technology and intelligent mobile vehicles will shape the industry’s progress over the next few years – and enable new, modular manufacturing solutions. With Agilox, we have a uniquely innovative partner in the field of mobile robots. AGILOX reimagined Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from the ground up and see

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B&R Acopostrack 3D / 6D

With ACOPOS 6D, B&R heralds a new era in manufacturing. Magnetic levitating shuttles move individual products freely through the machine. Gone are the days when conventional transport systems (with rigid timing) limit production. ACOPOS 6D is ideal for small-batch production with a frequent changeover in product and design. ACOPOS 6D uses principles of magnetic levitation.

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Stäubli HelMo & HelGa

HelMo and HelGa are mobile robots from Stäubli / WFTL. HelMo has an integrated manipulator, a 6-axis robot, HelGa can transport pallets of up to 1000 kg. HelMo represents a new Man-Robot Collaboration class, whereby robots help ease the monotonous burden of everyday tasks. The HelGa automated vehicle systems are exceedingly compact. Their counterbalanced forklifts

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