This feasibility study was focused on the handling of vials by a 6-axis Stäubli robot (Tx2-60L) with a sensitive servo gripper. Vials were picked from a SCHOTT ready-to-use tub in order to carry out the following process:

  1. Visual inspection – empty check.
  2. Filling of the liquid.
  3. Closing of the vial with a press-fit cap.
  4. Outfeed onto a conveyor belt.

In addition to the mechanical functionality, the modular structure of the software was also tested. The operator was able to independently put together a sequence – since conditions and requirements are stored for each software module that the preceding or subsequent process must fulfil, this can be done without programming knowledge and without risk.

The system used for the feasibility is a Pharmabotix standard module and is also available for other customer projects or feasibilities. So if you are interested in testing your processes as easily as possible, you can contact us at any time.