Input of the equipment is a standardized workpiece carrier on which the fabrics is fixed. The workpiece carrier has a serial number and a unique coding for the batch record / traceability of each produced part. The interface to the robot is based on a zero-point clamping system for maximum durability and precision.


The equipment perforates the parts using 2 needle plotters that Pharmabotix built using linear axes from Jenny-Science. 180 holes are made within seconds. The final product is then punched out by an ultrasonic punch and removed by the operator. A Stäubli TX2-60L 6-Axis Robot is the central handling element for standardized pallets within the equipment.

Technical Highlights

  • Material handling by a Stäubli TX2-60L, directly integrated with the Siemens PLC (no Stäubli-specific knowledge required).
  • Simple, graphical, and user-friendly HMI (Human-Machine Interface).
  • 2 needle plotters based on Jenny-Science linear axes, integrated with Siemens Motion Control – same programming as the Stäubli robot on the Pharmabotix standard HMI.
  • Modular design of the equipment: each station can be activated/deactivated. By using a Stäubli robot and the modular design of our software, the equipment offers maximum flexibility.