Would you like to learn more about our innovative robotics solution, “Sally”? Join us for our Webinar, where we’ll provide comprehensive insights into our modular and flexible automation solution designed for cell and gene therapy as well as laboratory applications! “Sally” is highly adaptable and can be employed for both adherent cell cultures and cell cultures in suspensions. Beyond precise vial, tube, bottle and pipette handling, “Sally” offers the integration of additional elements such as stirrers, incubators, and centrifuges (more information)

Date & registration

If you have any questions or would like to arrange another appointment for a viewing, please feel free to contact us by email (solutions@pharmabotix).

Structure and content of the webinar


  • Company presentation Pharmabotix
  • Robotics in Pharma / Biopharma
  • “Sally” for gene therapy manufacturing and lab-applications
  • “Sally” for automated cryovial handling / filling
2024 Sally Webinar
Sally Inoculum Module

Demo of a prototype equipment / inoculum preparation

  • State-of-the-art and easy-to-use HMI based on the latest Siemens technology
  • Cleanroom robot with multifunction gripper (pipetting & handling)
  • Opening, closing and robotized handling
  • of cryo-vials, falcon tubes and bottles
  • Robotized pipetting from 1ml to 50ml
  • Demo-process for inoculum preparation for cells in suspension