We are proud to be at the cutting edge of fully automated cell and gene therapy facilities – our fully automated, lights-out Inoculum Lab called “Sally” is an integral part of the Biophorum robotics road map. Many thanks to the authors David Wolton, Carl-Helmut Coulon for the exciting outlook and to Bioprocess International for publishing it.

Robots in Biomanufacturing: A Road Map for Automation of Biopharmaceutical Operations

Sally, item no. 7 in the Biophorum Roadmap, is a modular concept that can map the following applications:

  • Cell Thawing
  • Micro Batch Filling
  • Cell Detachment

Due to the modular design of the software and the mechanical interfaces to other systems such as centrifuges, heating plates, pipetting systems and so on, the operator can put together his own process and thus obtain maximum flexibility.

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