2022 PDA Robotics and Automation Conference: Opening Keynote by Pharmabotix CEO Fabian Stutz

“On behalf of the Scientific Program Planning Committee and PDA, we are proud to invite you at the second edition of the Robotics and Automation Conference to take place face-to-face in Dublin, Ireland on 16-17 May 2022.

While concepts of robots and automation might have been considered nice to have a few years ago, the global pandemic has accelerated the importance of speed while maintaining our standards of safety. We will cover a wide range of topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to biopharmaceutical processes, digital transformation drivers, laboratory automation initiatives and robotization in drug manufacturing.

Robots and automation are expected to be faster, reduce human errors by significant factors and mitigate contamination risks to a minimum. These technologies cover for the worker shortages that some areas experience and they can do tasks in dangerous settings. The question we usually get, though, is whether these technologies are truly safe, robust and beneficial for the patients. It’s necessary to understand that the heart and soul of automation and robot orchestration lies in multiple elements like artificial intelligence built out from human feedback and a careful initial set up, connectivity, cloud and sensorics. These technologies are not set up in a vacuum and they continue to get reviewed and refined by humans. We are not replacing human knowledge but rather augmenting our capacity to create and innovate to bring our ideas to reality in a way that is safer and faster than ever before.

Regulatory bodies are ready for these technologies, too. The industry has the task to measure, record, trace, and analyze all data to continuously improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of our drugs. Smart systems can help us manage the variability and complexity of this new reality.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from each of you about the ideas you have for the opportunities in this space, the technical solutions you have discovered, and the challenges you would like to overpass. There can no longer be any doubt that digitization and automation and the discussions we have here will help catapult our Life Science organizations into this brave new world. Furthermore, we want to listen to your voice and a dynamic session will be managed to gather your thoughts.

We look forward to seeing you take part in this highly engaging and interactive Conference!” Source www.pda.org

Date: 16th-17th  May 2022

This event is organized by PDA – please register directly on the event side.

Location: London