Those who want to remain successful in the future must constantly reinvent themselves. Innovation is stimulated by exchange and inspiration. The Swiss Innovation Forum on 30 November in Basel brings together the concentrated innovative power of Switzerland and explores what makes human creativity unique.

We are very pleased to be present at the stand of the Canton of Aargau at the SIF 2023 and to present our prototype equipment for the cell and gene area as well as laboratory automation to a wide audience!

When, where and registration

What you will see? “Sally” for cell and gene therapy manufacturing & lab applications

We’ll provide comprehensive insights into our modular and flexible automation solution designed for cell and gene therapy as well as laboratory applications! “Sally” is highly adaptable and can be employed for both adherent cell cultures and cell cultures in suspensions. Beyond precise vial, tube, bottle and pipette handling, “Sally” offers the integration of additional elements such as stirrers, incubators, and centrifuges.

Want to learn more about sally? Then visit our Robotics Workshop: Sally for cell and gene therapy manufacturing & lab applications right before the SIF in Allschwil.