State-of-the-art-production facilities in Pharma require smart, flexible, high-performance production equipment. The lights-out manufacturing Workshop will give you a unique opportunity to get in touch with state-of-the-art robot & automation technology – for tomorrow’s production.

State-of-the-art automation solutions paired with classic robot technology and intelligent mobile vehicles will shape the industry’s progress over the next few years – and enable new, modular manufacturing solutions. In our workshop dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, we want to show the technology available today – and where the journey will take us in the coming years.

Fabian Stutz, CEO of Pharmabotix

Structure and content of the workshop

1. Introduction

  • Robotics in Pharma
  • Logistics First?
  • The way to “lights-out manufacturing”
  • Pharmabotix as a partner

2. Live-Showcase: A fully integrated and connected Vial Handling / Filling solution:

  • State-of-the-art Siemens Unified HMI & Automation technology
  • Full integration of the Stäubli robot into the Siemens control system (Robot Library)
  • Stäubli Cleanroom robot with sensitive servo gripper
  • Visual inspection of Vials by Octum
  • Filling of Vials
  • Capping by latest linear axis technology  of Jenny Science

3. Live-Showcase : Latest AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) technology for intralogistics

  • Agilox One AMR
  • Pallet Transport
  • Fleet Management
  • Easy Programming

Dates, locations and registration

Various workshops are held throughout Switzerland – in German and English. Please click on the button to register on Eventbrite:

This event is only open to customers. Vendors, please contact us directly at Pharmabotix reserves the right to refuse registration.