Innovation Center


A unique platform, combining knowhow and technology to innovative production equipment for tomorrow’s needs.

The Technology Innovation Center is intended to provide innovation teams, production, and technology scouts with a platform for testing or implementing ideas quickly, easily, and straightforwardly – built up by a crowd investment. The contribution is converted into so-called credits, which can be redeemed in the TIC. In this way, we would like to expand the pharmaceutical industry’s access to technology – and also actively support them with our expertise at any time.

TIC can not only be used for feasibility or technology testing. It should be the cornerstone of a cross-company exchange and be used for events and exhibitions of the members.




Robotics & mobile devices

By providing state-of-the-art robot technology, we offer you the possibility to test your ideas in a target-oriented way. Our experts are always there and support you actively. 

Possible equipment:

  • 6-Axis & Scara robots
  • Collaborative robot
  • Pipetting robot
  • Service robot
  • Mobile robots (AIV) for Paletts
  • Mobile robots (AIV) for Boxes / Blisters

 3D Printing

Brilliant idea in the TIC? And you don’t want to wait weeks for the parts to arrive – print holders, robot grippers, or other tools directly, for example, and you won’t lose any time in your feasibility studies. Our experts will support you. 

Possible devices:

  •  State of the art 3D Printing technology

Expertise & Knowhow

During their work in the TIC, they are supported by our experts at all times. Be it the engineering of a gripper or the setup of a camera system for quality control – we are there for you! 

Possible resources:

  • Project Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Robotics specialist
  • Assembly specialist

Other Technology

Depending on the members’ wishes, we can add special types of equipment to the TIC if it serves a common purpose.  These can be measuring devices, dosing systems, laminar flows, centrifuges, etc.  – The important thing is that the majority of the members benefit from it.

Control & Interfaces

Do you want to test how equipment can communicate with your company systems? OPC UA and so on? Do you want to create a standard specification and then try it live? No problem at TIC – we provide you with PLCs, industrial PCs, and much more to test your IT operations, heart and soul before they go live.

Possible equipment:

  • PLC & IPC
  • HMI Technology
  • Mobile Panels
  • Control Cabinet with accessories

Machine Vision Systems & Sensors

Do you want to measure or test something?  By using the latest cameras, sensors & measuring systems, for example? In the TIC, you can test if your idea is possible and achieve appropriate results.

Possible devices:

  • Machine Vision Systems
  • AI Cameras / Sensors
  • 3D Sensors


How to invest?

The TIC is to be set up as a crowd investment and offer a platform for exchange and cooperation. More information about modalities will follow shortly

What does crowd investment mean?

A certain amount must be exceeded to start the project, which the members are collectively willing to pay. If the starting amount is not reached, the project will not be implemented.

What is the next step for the TIC?

We are looking for interested people who are willing and able to get involved in the TIC. This should be done by 30.11.2021.  During this time, the needs of the interested parties will be collected and integrated into the TIC concept wherever possible.

What happens when I register as an interested party?

You will be contacted by us at the appropriate time – in any case, at this stage of the project, everything is non-binding. You are still free to decide whether you want to join the TIC or not.

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