Looking for a partner to robotize your production?

You have many automation and robotics projects at the same time and don’t know where to start? You don’t have the time or the know-how to work on projects efficiently and effectively – and are looking for specialists to support you? In this case Pharmabotix is your expert partner in the field.

The first stages of a project are the most important and will determine the success or failure of a project: Is the process clear? Where are the operators struggling? Are the parts to be handled precisely defined? Are the user requirements clear? Is there a URS? And what about the interfaces to other equipment, controls, or IT systems?

With years of experience in the fields of automation, robotics, and mechanical engineering, we know exactly what is important and are delighted to make this know-how available to our customers.

Pharmabotix supports you from the very first moment of your automation idea. In a first step, we will analyse and evaluate the possible automation potentials in your production together with you, for which an inspection of the production is planned. In the evaluation, the possible potentials are assessed and then agreed with the customer which projects should be pursued in concept design or which should be put on hold. To ensure that their projects will be successful, a risk analysis is conducted immediately after the concept design. Based on the result of the risk analysis, feasibilities or even mock-ups are implemented together with the client – all with the aim of eliminating the risks or minimising them to an acceptable level. Only when the critical points have been solved do we move on to the basic or detailed design.

During this process, it is more than just about the mechanical solution: due to our holistic approach, we also include the entire software and interface part of an equipment – in addition, we plan the complete validation & qualification according to the GMP/Gamp5 V-model with you. Our goal is that you ultimately receive an order-ready dossier with the best possible solution for your requirements.

In addition to classical engineering, we also support you in writing your specifications (URS) and can also give you valuable advice on what to look out for in automation projects.

Additional useful information can also be found under “customised solutions“.