The Aseptic processing industry has seen consistent growth in recent years — with advances in innovative therapeutics, the introduction of novel techniques and personnel protocols, the integration of robotics and automation in filling lines, and rise of rapid microbiological methods being just a few of the factors driving this growth.

Aseptic Processing comes at the point in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals where the product itself is at its highest value, and with such high investment comes many complex challenges to discuss, explore, and overcome — ultimately via careful planning, thoroughly trained personnel, and specialised facilities and equipment.

The Aseptic Processing equipment market was approaching a valuation of 10 billion USD in 2015, and is projected to exceed 12 billion USD in value by next year, then to far surpass a total market value of 50 billion USD before the end of the decade.

The industry is also seeing critical changes in the regulation and guidance – fundamental documents and principles of implementation are in a pressing need to be dissected and discussed, and essential insights into applying Quality Risk Management practices to the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products are more relevant than ever.

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