Who we are

Does your company need to optimize production, but you wonder who can help? Pharmabotix is a talented  team dedicated to technology. With years of industry experience in automation and mechanical engineering, the love for our work and commitment to our customers is palpable. Pharmabotix is setting new standards in engineering, software, consulting, and paving the way—for automation solutions in pharmaceuticals.

We are passionate engineers who value honesty, loyalty, decency, and trust. We are a cohesive team and provide an open environment built on transparency. Each member is as important as the other—we cherish this equality and hold ourselves accountable to represent our values to our customers, suppliers, employees, and society. 

What we do

Pharmabotix is pioneering the deployment of innovative robotic technology and automation in Pharma and aiming to be the first choice for technology partnerships. We offer pharmaceutical solutions that bring products to market quickly and safely to contribute to society’s well-being and health.

In order to provide our customers with high quality service and automation solutions, all our internal processes are strictly designed according to GMP / GAMP5 and documented in our quality management system in compliance with ISO9001:2015.

Pharmabotix Fabian Stutz

Fabian Stutz

Pharmabotix Luca Glanzmann

Luca Glanzmann

Jeremias Bürgin

Bruno Stutz